Celebrating Autumn



My eyes seem particularly attuned to the colours of this season.

On Saturday a long sequence of squally rain and hail showers, some with thunder and lightning, and mostly grey skies, brought in from the Atlantic on prevailing westerlies, gave way to a clear cold starry night, and in the morning the first heavy frost of the season.   Sometimes we don’t seem to see the sun for a couple of months, but when the weather does change here, the effect can be all the more euphoric.

Early November evenings are often punctuated by bonfires and fireworks.  Plumes of light rising into the darkness and bursting in multicoloured explosions that echo and reverberate around the steep sided valley.  Bang…b..b..BANG, pop, crackle, b…b…b…BANG!  There’s something primal about this communal response to the seasonal loss of evening sunlight.

There’s been a prodigious crop of acorns, and plenty of conkers, nuts, and berries.  I’ve enjoyed being the willing mammal, and distributing some of these in suitable places.

Another treat at this time of year is when temperature inversions trap cold air in the valley bottom.  Climbing up the hill, you can look down on a slowly shifting ethereal body of mist, covering the streets and factories below.  When this happens its easier to visualise the valley as it might have been, several thousand years ago, before human settlement.

And of course, autumn brings the seasonal pleasures of baked and roast food!

I LOVE the autumn, even when its wet, grey, and cold.


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Autumn

  1. Hello, Only recently discovered and subscribed to your blog but have so enjoyed all I have read thus far. Today’s post especially beautiful and your photos captured so brilliantly the wild beauty that is autumn. Thank you for sharing the images and your thoughts. Look forward to more of your posts.

  2. It has been a particularly vivid autumn- first with the bright rowan berries and an abudance of haws. There is beech near me displaying colours of green, orange and red, and sycamores of a multiplicity of colours. That rain was horrendously cold on Saturday!

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