Three Images, March 2017.

Daffodill Opening -with Dewdrop (single click to enlarge).

Palmate Newt – About to be Relocated to Our Pond.

A Rhino Stone, Surely? (single click to see properly).

With all manner of other-than-human persons  waking up and getting on with their Northern Hemisphere Spring business around me, I thought I’d better post a couple of seasonal images.  Apparently the first word I said was ‘lellow’.  The fragrance of Daffodils is almost as mesmerising as that golden yellow colour, if a bit more subtle.  Although these are not the wild variety, I’m still excited by them every year.  Its a bit on the cold side here today, so that little palmate newt was almost comatose.  She’s now been moved to a much more suitable location, where a potential friend awaits.  Toads have already been out in force on our local roads – perhaps responding to the full Moon, so it’ll be ‘all go’ for a few weeks now.  The third image is of a being with an altogether different sense of time.  This imposing individual looks irresistably rhinosceromorphic to me!

Spring Blessings 🙂

B.T. 13th March 2017.


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