Poems by Jo Pacsoo.

Spring Equinox
        the unpeopled moor silent in snow
footprints of grouse.

Time to Hear.

If we take time and silence
to listen
to the unsilencing of nature,
we can hear the stories of the stones,
the stories of the sea,
the tales told by trees,
the breath of the wind.
We rush to speak for them,
but wait.
Take time and silence
to listen
to the voices of the earth.

Rock Self.

I sit inside a rock up on the moor.
Firmly bedded in the earth I sit.
Still and steady throughout the ages;
rounded and etched by wind and rain,
all the separate grains of me, flakes and crystals
unite in stone.

Unique in contour and shape
my rock-being endures slow change.
I see the passage
of sheep and humans.
They scratch upon me
aiding the wind in my dissolution.
I know the birds, and the wind,
changing seasons,
storm and calm, snow and rainbow.
I sparkle in sunlight, am cracked by frost.
My slow life worn and weathered
into sand and grit
I blow on the wind and am scattered.

One day I will break
out of my rock-self,
and dance naked
with wind blown hair
over the wild moor.  


Jo Pacsoo is a regular contributor to Blithe Spirit, the Journal 
of the British Haiku Society, and once taught geology.  
Her Earth, Time, Water, and Sky, and Chiaroscuro were published
by Palores Publications, Redruth, Cornwall.