Going into My Shell.

“I Feel Like Going into my Shell”.

I’ve decided to retreat into my shell.  Life, and this wonderful sandstone outcrop, have called me to put Animist Jottings on hold for a while.  Co-incidentally, two of the other blogs I most closely follow are also pausing at the moment, so it looks as though the planets have spoken.  I’ve enjoyed nearly three years of blogging exchanges, and learned a lot from fellow writers -which was what I’d hoped for.  I’m not sure when I’ll be back, or what I’ll do next, but more photography seems possible.

In the meantime, here’s to all who are working, or relaxing, for a wiser more compassionate world.  May it come very soon, please!

Equinoctial Greetings


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7 thoughts on “Going into My Shell.

  1. Hi Brian
    I will miss your observations. I have learnt a lot about your patch from you. Hopefully you will share more of your writings sometime down the track.
    Kindest wishes, J

  2. Thanks J. I’ve enjoyed your reports from the peninsular too, and will continue to look at them from time to time. I hope to be back in due course.
    with all best wishes.

  3. I have also enjoyed reading your posts. Having just come back from a summer where I retreated I am returning to my own blog. I trust that the time you spend in your shell will see you refreshed and with deeper insights to share in whatever way becomes appropriate.

  4. I’ve really valued and enjoyed what you’ve written over the years, as fascinating as its been informative, and taken much of it as the kind of ‘good advice’ that I probably should have followed more, particularly your caution about photographing birds. This latter point is informing my deliberations as to whether to leave my blog hanging in the air – like a thread of broken cobweb suspended from a branch – or formalise a withdrawal (however temporary) from blogging activity. Even so, I hope you’ll be back…

  5. Many thanks for these kind words. I’ve enjoyed and learned a lot from your writing too. I hope to be back in due course, and hope you will be too, if not in quite the same format, after a break. 🙂

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